Upgrade your subversion repositories!

We use Subversion in the FreeBSD project. Without a lot of fanfare, the Subversion folks have recently release version 1.9.

If you are using subversion, you should care about this. A lot.

A dump/load has potentially significant savings. In this case, copying our 1.8 ports repository to a 1.9 format repository:

$ svnadmin dump -q ports | svnadmin load -q --force-uuid ports2              
$ du -sh ports*
 22G    ports
3.6G    ports2
$ svnadmin -q pack ports2
$ du -sh ports2
2.6G    ports2

For us, this makes it plausible to cache entirely in RAM for a lot more people than before.

For completeness, our other repositories:

$ du -sh base* doc* socsvn*
8.4G    base
4.2G    base2
632M    doc
441M    doc2
9.7G    socsvn
5.5G    socsvn2

Don't forget to copy across your hooks and configuration files.

For clarity, you do not get this with version 1.8 and earlier. Don't waste your time.