140 Characters is not enough

I like twitter. I like that it encourages me to get to the point. But sometimes, it just isn't enough. Lately I've found myself resorting to pastebin-like services for adding extra information and posting a teaser with a link to twitter, but enough is enough.

Behold, the blog!

Yes, I've gone and done it. I came across the ghost.org platform and decided that I liked the simplicity. No comments. No spam. What could possibly go wrong?

Over the last few years I've felt like writing things that just won't fit in twitter format. A .txt file in my public_html works for some things but would be a criminal injustice to others. Facebook makes my IQ drop just by thinking about it so I tend to avoid that like the plague.

You can look forward to me writing up some of the crazy ideas that never escaped into the public realm. Perhaps the word "dread" should fit in there somewhere. You should be afraid.

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